Friday, March 5, 2010

TOW: the Recap of Season 1

The idea of starting a 'Friends' blog buzzed around in my brain for about a year before I finally decided to actually do it. So far it's been a fairly rewarding, though surprisingly time consuming, endeavor. I can't believe I actually managed to finish the first season. I'm not the type to start things without finishing, but the idea of an episode every week day can be daunting. Luckily, I've got time to spare. Next week I'll start season two, but first, let's look back at the season that was....

My favorite episodes (in no particular order):

TOW: Two Parts, Part 2
With Monica and Rachel and Phoebe and Ursula switching identities several who's-who shenanigans occur. I never realized playing Scrabble could be so hilarious and so life-threatening. Plus, GEORGE CLOONEY!

TOW: the Stoned Guy
The WENUS, Ross has to learn to talk dirty, and Jon Lovitz. JON LOVITZ, I SAY!

TOW: the Birth

Carol has the baby. The sheer sweetness makes it imminently watchable.

TOW: Rachel Finds Out
Rachel finds out Ross loves her. What more could you want? Except for maybe no Julie, but that's neither here nor there.

My least favorite episodes:

TOW: the Monkey Gets Away

This really isn't a bad episode, but I've seen it too many times to be entertained. They showed it all the time on the local CBS affiliate when I was growing up. Blah.

TOW: Two Parts, Part 1

Seeing as the second part is one of my favorites, one probably wouldn't expect me to feel so meh about the first part, but really. Nothing happens in this episode! All the important stuff happens at the very end. We get into Ross's fear of fatherhood and Rachel falls off the balcony. Chandler's stuff is done by the end of the first part. I don't think it needed to be a two-part thing at all.

TOW: Mrs. Bing
I love Mrs. Bing. The Mrs. Bing/Ross stuff is awesome. But, ugh, coma guy.

TOW: the Blackout
Despite the Jill Goodacre, which almost, almost makes up for my lukewarm feelings towards this episode, I dont' like it. I hate Paolo and I've also seen this one almost as many times as TOW: the Monkey gets Away.

The Best Moments Ever:

Chandler's Pinocchio dance.
Sadly, the powers that be at YouTube removed the video. Sadness. :(

Chandler smoking at the office.


Humming the 'Odd Couple' Theme.


The original video was removed as well, but I found another one. Yay!

The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

Chandler talking.

Best Quotes

"Aruba, this time of about your big LIZARDS!!" -Ross, episode 1.

"I personally could have a gallon of Alan." -Chandler, episode 3.

"Hey, Joey, what would you do if you were omnipotent?"
"Probably kill myself."
"...Excuse me?"
"Hey, if little Joey's dead, then I got no reason to live."
"Joey, uh, omnipotent."
"You are? Ross, I'm sorry." -Monica, Joey, and Ross, episode 4.

"Excuse me? You don't think I could get a Brian? Because I could get a Brian. Believe you me...I'm really not." -Chandler, episode 8.

"And I assume, Chandler, you are still boycotting all the pilgrim holidays?"
"Yes, every single one of them." -Monica and Chandler, episode 9.

"Oh, oh, and on page two, he's not reaching for her 'heaving beasts'."
"What's a 'niffle'?"
"You usually find them on the heaving beasts." -Rachel, Monica, and Joey, episode 11.

"Yes, Fran, I know what time it is, but I'm looking at the WENUS and I'm not happy!" -Chandler, episode 14.

"Well, slap my ass and call me Judy!" -Steve, episode 14.

"The doctor got the 'k' out. He also found an 'm' and an 'o'."
"We think he was trying to spell out 'monkey'." -Ross and Chandler, episode 17.

"Call her! Stop being so testosterone-y."
"Which, by the way, is the real San Francisco treat." -Phoebe and Chandler, episode 20.

"Dear God! This parachute is a knapsack!" -Chandler, episode 23.

Big thanks to everyone who reads my little blog! I love the comments, as well. It's all much appreciated. Season Two on Monday!!


  1. Wow, that's the whole first season? It seems like you just started! I love this blog so I'm glad you didn't give up!

  2. Thank you!! I couldn't give up this blog now; I'm much too fond of it. Season 1 seemed to go by so fast. I'm surprised I'm finished with it, too.