Monday, March 29, 2010

TOW: Eddie Moves In

Joey and Chandler: Everyone except Chandler goes to see Joey's new place. Joey's proud of his apartment, but is disappointed that Chandler isn't there. Joey and Chandler are both lonely and missing each other. Chandler finally calls Joey and they end up watching Baywatch together over the phone. The talk is so good it makes them want to live together again. Monica and Phoebe tell Joey to ask Chandler if he can move back; they assure him that Chandler misses him. Ross and Rachel tell Chandler not to ask Joey back because Joey's so happy in his new place. Joey comes by the apartment to talk to Chandler. Chandler introduces Joey to his new roommate, Eddie (Adam Goldberg). Joey's sad and jealous. Joey comes by one morning and is jealous when Eddie's moved where they keep the mail and that Eddie's making Chandler eggs. The last straw is when Eddie drinks all the juice. Joey and Chandler fight. Chandler realizes living with Eddie isn't that great when Eddie won't play Foosball and doesn't like Baywatch. There's a sad 'we miss each other' montage.

Ross and Monica: Ross's been spending a lot of time at Monica and Rachel's. He's driving Monica crazy. It starts when Ross takes over the bathroom and won't let Monica get in. They start acting like kids again. Ross gets into a fight with someone over the phone about what kind of dinosaur Dino from the Flintstones was. He wakes Monica up from a nap. The call waiting beeps and it's someone for Monica, he doesn't take a message. Another call comes through and Ross tells Monica it's Richard; it's actually their mother. They argue over what to watch on tv, a nature show or Entertainment Tonight. Monica tells Ross that she hated him when they were kids and him being around all the time reminds her of that. They make up.

Phoebe: gets approached by a producer to record 'Smelly Cat' and make a video. The producer says that if it goes well, Phoebe might get to make a record. Phoebe goes to the recording studio and is shocked at having backup singers. She gets a tape of the video and she, Monica, Rachel, and Ross watch it. The others realize at once that it's not Phoebe singing, but Phoebe thinks it is her. They don't tell Phoebe the truth because they don't want to hurt her. Phoebe comes into Central Perk and tells Monica, Rachel, and Ross that she found out it wasn't her singing. Instead of being upset for herself, Phoebe feels bad for the woman that did the singing.

Rachel: drops a slice of pie in a dude's coat hood while at work. She makes Ross get the piece of pie out. She's weirded out by Ross and Monica fighting, especially when Monica tries to get her in the middle like the 'mom.'

  • I wouldn't have said anything to anyone about dropping pie in someone's coat. I'd just pretend like it didn't happen.
Plus, I really like the mental image of the guy putting his hood up and getting a face full of apple pie (that sounds kinda dirty).

  • This whole Chandler and Joey not living together thing makes me sad. This is a great episode, I'm all for the non-sexual roommate angst, but not having Chandler and Joey together is like--like--well, it's awful.
  • Just for the hell of it, I looked up some Chandler/Joey's not as prolific as say, Harry Potter fanfics, but it's out there. And really depressing. The one I skimmed through has Chandler killing himself because he's in love with Joey. Geez.
  • Ross fights with someone (I guess another paleontologist) about Dino being a Velociraptor. Dino Flintstone
No, I see the resemblance. Totally.

  • Phoebe does a video for 'Smelly Cat'!

I'm nearly 100% sure I had a Barbie that had the exact same dress as Phoebe.

  • Phoebe's singing voice is dubbed and she doesn't realize it. I read a bio of Audrey Hepburn and the author said that happened to Hepburn on the set of My Fair Lady. Hepburn'd hoped to do the singing herself, but they replaced her voice without notifying her. Yes, I realize this has very little to do with anything.
  • Eddie is a creep. He's weird. He doesn't like Baywatch or Foosball (!!!) And I have a horrible confession--despite all these things--I think Eddie is awesome. Not that I'd want to chill with him, or anything, but he's so entertainingly odd. During the Eddie episodes a voice in my head screams "EDDIE!!!" like Columbia does in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Also, why does Chandler attract psycho's with irritating laughs?
  • Chandler and Joey have a sadness montage set to "All by Myself." It makes me a little misty-eyed, I'm not gonna lie.
  • Um, this makes me sad. I can't embed the video, but click and watch and stuff. It's a joyous thing.

Oh. My. God.

"Look, check this out. Is it a coffee table, is it a panther? There's no need to decide." -Ross, checking out Joey's new furniture.

"Hey, nice pillow. So, now tell me ,is this genuine Muppet skin?" -Rachel, on Joey's fabric selection.

"Now wait a minute, I claimed you in the name of France four years ago." -Chandler, when Phoebe says she's been discovered.

"I've never wanted you more." -Rachel, to Ross after he mocks Monica using a silly voice.

"Well, y'know what they say. Ask your slippers a're going crazy." -Chandler, talking to his puppy slippers about Joey.

"I mean, it's a regular space...fest." -Chandler, trying to be excited about the empty apartment.

"Was that the oven timer?"
"That's right my friend. It's time for..."
"BAYWATCH!" -Joey and Chandler, excited for the show.

"I say always keep them running. All the time, running. Run. Run Yasmine! Run like the wind!"-Chandler, expressing his joy over Baywatch.

"I figured I'd have, like, time alone with my thoughts but, y'know, it turns out I don't have as many thoughts as you'd think." -Joey, discussing his doubts about living alone.

"Did she leave a number?"
"Did you see me write one down?" -Monica and Ross, fighting.

"It'll never last, he's just a rebound roommate." -Rachel, about Eddie.

"Well, what's the difference? Your eggs aren't here anymore, are they? You took your eggs and you left. You really expect me to never find new eggs?" -Chandler, upset that Joey's jealous over Eddie and his egg cooking.

"Oh my God, she's smelly cat. Oh, oh that song has so many levels." -Phoebe, sad for the woman who sings in the 'Smelly Cat' video.

"Well, that's the brilliance of it. The pretty people...and the running." -Chandler, trying to sell Eddie on Baywatch.


  1. I love Eddie and his weirdness! Everything with Eddie cracks me up.

    Is this the episode where Chandler is thinking of Joey and looking out his rainy window, and Joey is thinking of Chandler and looking through his weird waterfall thing? That always made me laugh, too.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only person who thinks Eddie's great! I always feel weird cause he turns out to be so crazy.

    Yes! It is the one with the broodingly looking out the rainy window/waterfall thing! They do it all to "All By Myself."

  3. Ha, I thought so! I could totally picture it, just couldn't remember the music.