Monday, February 8, 2010

TOW: the Butt

Monica: is all neurotic this episode, the focus being on her obsessive organizations of the house. Monica goes back to her apartment to see that Rachel cleaned. Being helpful, Rachel moved the green ottoman to sit in front of the tv as an extra seat around the coffee table. Monica can't stand the new arrangement and moves it back. Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, and Chandler give her a hard time about being a neat freak. Monica says she doesn't have to be that way. At the end of the episode, she leaves her shoes in the living room when she goes to bed. She can't sleep, worrying about the shoes not being in their proper place.

Joey: is in a play! 'Freud! The Musical.' It's pretty horrible, but Joey gets a talent agent's card and is signed. He gets a job, fairly quickly, as Al Pacino's butt double. He's embarrassed, but mostly excited. He goes to shoot his scene, but takes it incredibly seriously, giving his butt motivation. He ends up getting fired, for 'acting too much.' The rest of the group comforts him, and he believes this might not have been his big break.

Chandler: At Joey's play, Chandler meets a beautiful woman, Aurora (Sofia Milos), who agrees to go out with him. Chandler has a great time on their first date, but learns that Aurora is married to Rick and has a boyfriend, Ethan. Chandler's okay with this at first, but as his feelings for Aurora grow, he stops being able to share well. Chandler ends it with her because of his jealousy. And because Aurora has another new man, Andrew.

  • Chandler is absolutely adorable when he talks to Aurora the first time. There's lots of mumbling and awkwardness. I just want to,like, pinch his cheek or something, he's so cute.
  • Ross, Monica, and Phoebe all look at a 'Magic Eye' book in Central Perk. Ross can't see the hidden images and gets frustrated when everyone else can. This moment was basically my childhood. I understand Ross's pain. Stupid, optical illusion, trickery.
  • Aurora was in the Israeli army. I have a hard time picturing this woman in an army of any kind.

  • One of Phoebe's outfits in this episode kills my brain.

I usually like her boho-chic fashions, but uh, just no. It's brown AND paisley. I cringe. This is elderly school teacher. Usually Phoebe's outfits are matched with really eclectic accessories (peace sign earrings, anyone?) making her the Claudia Kishi of the 'Friends' bunch, but not here.

  • Best. moment. evarrrr!!!!!

Days and days on end will I have this stuck in my head. Days, I say. Even better, though, on the DVD everyone but Monica sings and dances the 'Freud' song at the end. Alas, no clip was to be found.

Oh. My. God.

"The exclamation point in the title scares me. Y'know it's not just 'Freud', it's 'Freud!'" -Phoebe, talking about Joey's new play.

"God. I feel violated." -Rachel, after Joey's play.

"Loved your work. Call me a sap." -Joey, reading Estelle's message and not understanding ASAP.

"When I'm with a woman, I need to know that I'm going out with more people than she is." -Joey, during the conversation about Aurora's many men.

"Thank God you didn't try to fan out the magazines. I mean, she'll scratch your eyes right out." -Chandler, after Rachel cleaned the apartment and Monica starts freaking out.

"Okay, so I'm responsible, I'm organized. But hey, I can be a kook."
"Alright, you madcap gal, try to imagine this. The phone bill arrives, but you don't pay it right away."
"Why not?"
"Because you're a kook!" -Monica and Ross, discussing Monica's orderliness.

"Oh no, it's terrific, it's-it's- y'know, you deserve this, after all your years of struggling, you've finally been able to crack your way into show business." -Chandler, making fun of Joey being Al Pacino's butt double.

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