Thursday, February 11, 2010

TOW: Underdog Gets Away

Rachel: is supposed to go to Vail with her family for Thanksgiving, only this year she's supposed to pay for her own ticket. She asks her boss for an advance and customers for advances on tips, but still doesn't have enough money. When she gets home from work, Monica gives her an envelope with the money for the ticket, everyone chipped in $20. When Underdog gets away and they get locked out of the apartment, Rachel misses her flight.

Ross: finds out from Monica that their parents are spending Thanksgiving in Puerto Rico. He's really upset and Monica agrees to make Thanksgiving dinner. Ross wants it exactly like their mom makes and is critical of Monica's cooking. Ross goes to Carol and Susan's because he let Carol borrow a skull and needs it back. Susan tells him that she's been reading to the baby. Ross thinks that's weird, but wants to try because Susan does it. He sings 'Hey, Hey, We're the Monkee's' to the baby and it kicks for the first time. He and Monica get in a fight when he finds Thanksgiving dinner burnt.

Joey: comes in to Central Perk wearing make-up. He tells the gang that he's now a model-slash-actor. He just came from a photo shoot for the NYC Free Clinic to be on a poster. Joey's in a subway station when he runs into a woman he used to work with at Macy's. She agrees to get a drink with him, but then quickly backs out. Joey turns around and see's his picture on a poster for VD. His family un-invites him to Thanksgiving because they think he has VD. He's going to have Thanksgiving at Monica's and wants tater-tots like his mom makes.

Phoebe- isn't celebrating Thanksgiving with her grandmother until December. She asks Monica to make mashed potatoes with onions and peas like her mom used to make before she killed herself.

Monica- agrees to make Thanksgiving dinner for everyone and in the special way they request. She gets really stressed, though, because Ross is giving her a hard time and people keep requesting different things. She's reluctant to leave when Underdog escapes, but relents only to find herself locked out. Dinner is ruined and Monica freaks out because it was her first Thanksgiving dinner and she was trying really hard. Everyone fights because they're disappointed about the meal.

Chandler-doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving because it's when his parents told him they were getting divorced. Monica brings him stuff for grilled cheese, tomato soup, and Funyuns. When the Underdog balloon escapes, he tells everyone at Monica's and they all go up on the roof to watch. After they get locked out and Thanksgiving dinner is ruined, he shares his grilled cheese and is glad that everyone is spending the day together.

  • Rachel's boss, Terry, has the most irritating voice on the planet. He also reminds me of some sort a weasel or a ferret. PDVD_0010
  • If I were Monica, I'd, like, puncture Ross with a meat thermometer, or something. He's so mean about wanting the food a particular way and Monica tries so hard.
  • I feel pretty bad for Joey this episode.
  • PDVD_0655
I mean, that's pretty humiliating. Especially since this poster is everywhere. Even in Times Square. It's also really unrealistic. I mean it is literally in every single place Joey goes. There are hundreds of copies of this poster and only this poster.

  • After dinner is ruined, the gang watches Ugly Naked Guy take his turkey out of the oven. They see that U.N.G. has an Ugly Naked Gal and it makes them feel better. Awww.
  • Rachel is one of my favorite characters, but seriously, the "shooping" gets really old after, like, the very first time.
  • Joey and his tots remind me of 'Napoleon Dynamite.' Every time Joey says, 'tot,' I immediately think, 'Napoleon, give me some your tots!'
  • Oh! This is the first episode where we hear about the 'Friends' head-in-Thanksgiving-Turkey thing.
Oh. My. God.

"That's so funny, 'cause I was thinking you look more like Joey Tribbiani, man slash woman." -Chandler, after Joey comes into Central Perk wearing make-up.

"And I assume, Chandler, you are still boycotting all the pilgrim holidays?"
"Yes, every single one of them." -Monica and Chandler, making Thanksgiving plans.

"Ooh, ohh, because she's my ex-wife, and will probably want to bring her, ooh, ooh, lesbian life partner." -Ross, after Phoebe suggests inviting Carol to Thanksgiving.

"Kinda like a big face without skin." -Ross, responding to Susan asking what the skull looks like.

"Wow, you guys sure have a lot of books about bein' a lesbian."
"Well, y'know, you have to take a course. Otherwise they don't let you do it." -Ross and Susan.

"I'd just like to say that I'm totally behind this experiment. In fact, I'd very much like to butter your head." -Chandler, after Phoebe tells Ross to put his head in the turkey to simulate what a baby in a womb can hear.

"Oh, you must stop shooping." -Chandler, sick of hearing Rachel's skiing noise.

"But my mom always makes them. It's like a tradition. You get a little piece of turkey on your fork, a little cranberry sauce, and a TOT!" -Joey, expressing his desire for Thanksgiving tater-tots.

"The balloon?"
"No, no, the actual cartoon character." -Joey and Chandler, after Chandler announces that Underdog escaped.

"Hey, hey, I'm your daddy. I'm the one without any breasts." -Ross, singing to the baby to the tune of 'Hey, Hey, We're the Monkees'.


  1. I'm pretty sure that Terry is the dad from Alf, which meant that I immediately disliked him. I honestly don't remember much from Alf, but I do remember how much I disliked the dad, he was always seemed so mean in my 4 year old brain.

  2. Callie, I believe you're right, that is the dad from Alf.

    I've really always hated Susan, but especially the skull thing. She says, "What does it look like?" Ross says his thing about it being a face with no skin, and she says, "Yeah, I'm familiar with the concept." Then why did you ask what a skull looks like?!

    That's been bothering me for years. It feels good to get it off my chest.

  3. Callie, I had know idea Terry was the dad from Alf! I don't remember that show at all, except for an inkling that I may have watched it. It's good to know that I'm not the only one who finds him annoying, though.

    Shannon, the skull thing with Susan bothers me, too. I mean, what does she expect it to look like? A skull's a skull no matter what it comes from. Having said that, I do kind of like Susan. She's sarcastic and bitchy, which I enjoy. Especially when Ross is being particularly grating.