Tuesday, February 2, 2010

TOW: The Sonogram at the End

Ross: This is largely a Ross centric episode. At the beginning he finds out the his ex-wife, Carol (played by Anita Baron) is pregnant. The baby is Ross's and Carol wants to raise the baby with Ross and her life-partner, Susan ( Jessica Hecht). Ross and Monica have dinner with their parents (Christina Pickles and Elliot Gould), where Ross tells them that Carol is a lesbian and that she is having his baby. The episode ends with Ross, Susan, and Carol at the OBGYN arguing. Their fight cools as they hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. Oh yeah, we learn that Ross is a paleontologist and works at a museum.

Rachel: Is still dealing with having left Barry (Mitchell Whitfield) at the altar. She has to return her engagement ring, which she accidentally loses inside the lasagna Monica baked for her parents. She visits Barry at his office (he's an Orthodontist), gives back the ring, and learns that Barry is now seeing Mindy, the woman who was Rachel's maid-of-honor.

Monica: Is freaking out over her parents impending visit. Ross is the favorite child and Monica's role is to act as the scapegoat. Monica cleans frantically and spends a lot of time making lasagna, which is ruined when Rachel loses her ring in it. During dinner,Mrs. Gellar passive-aggressively criticizes Monica while praising Ross. Monica forces Ross to tell their parents that Carol left Ross to be with another woman and is now carrying Ross's child. Monica cries (with happiness) when seeing the sonogram.

Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe: Neither of these characters have their own storyline, but act more as secondary characters utilized for laughs. We do learn that Chandler is an only child and Phoebe is a twin.

  • I have mixed feelings about the very beginning of this episode. The group is discussing how men and women have different feelings regarding what's important during sex. It's a witty conversation with kissing and foreplay compared to a stand-up comedian, while sex is the main event. The conversation is amusing, but is also incredibly battle-of-the-sexes, men-and-women-are-different, cliche.
  • Ross's reaction when he learns that Carol is having his baby:

  • Monica gets more characterization in this episode. This is the first instance viewers see her all neurotic about cleaning. I heart neat-freak Monica. The favorite sibling tension between her and Ross is good, too; plus, you can never go wrong with Christina Pickles and Elliot Gould. They're, like, the perfect kind of crazy parents. Judy Gellar is just so--so mean, picking on Monica's cooking, her job, her cleaning skills, her boyfriendless-ness....On the other hand this seems like every other sit-com parent in the history of ever. At least it's well done here.
  • Joey is much, much better. Instead of having a Beatle's bowl, his hair's slicked back and coated in gel. Like all good 90's hair should be. Matt LeBlanc has a better grasp on the character, but there really isn't much for him to do this episode. He's just sweeter and less douche-y; more harmless, and dopey like the Joey fans expect.
  • UGLY NAKED GUY!!!! Is it wrong that I want to have an unattractive, nudist neighbor to spy on? Cause I do. Lots. They make it look like such fun!
  • I never realized before, but Rachel pretty much works at Central Perk to give the characters more reason to hang out there; especially after it's closed. Not a bad thing, but probably unrealistic (in an awesome way).
  • I love, love, love, love, love Susan. Her deadpan line deliveries make my life.
  • Carol is played by Anita Baron in this episode; she is quickly replaced by Jane Sibbett, which I am really very grateful for. It's probably because I'm so used to Sibbett as Carol, but Baron is... She's too doll-faced and sweet. There's also this:
Which is how she reacts to Ross accidentally throwing a plastic baby from a womb diagram. Over act much?

  • I can see why Rachel was more attracted to a gravy boat than to Barry.
  • PDVD_1167
He does look just like Mr. Potato Head! I wonder if the actor comes with detachable features and expressions?

Oh. My. God

"Oh, I think this is the episode of Three's Company where there's some kind of misunderstanding." -Chandler.

"I know I had it this morning, and I know I had it when I was in the kitchen with..."
"Dinah?" -Rachel and Chandler, looking for the lost engagement ring.

"Kinda puts that whole pillow thing in perspective, huh, Mon?" -Chandler, after they l earn that Carol is pregnant.

"Well, at lest she had a chance to leave a man at the altar..." -Mrs. Geller, criticizing Monica.

"Still, you--you say Minnie, you hear Mouse." -Ross, discussing baby names with Susan and Carol.

"Helen Geller?" -Ross, still discussing baby names.

"It's my baby too."
"Oh, 's'funny, really? Um, I don't remember you making any sperm."
"Yeah, and we all know what a challenge that is." -Susan and Ross.

"I dunno, but...I think it's about to attack the Enterprise." -Chandler, watching the sonogram video.

"I just hope they have his old hair line and your old nose!" -Rachel, talking to Mindy about the hypothetical kids she and Barry may some day have.

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