Tuesday, February 9, 2010

TOW: the Blackout

The gang is in Central Perk getting ready to hear Phoebe perform when the power goes out. Everyone is together except for Chandler, who's at the bank.

Ross: tells Rachel he see's 'big passion in her future,' after the 'strangest place you've had sex conversation.' Joey tells him he's entering the 'friend zone' with Rachel and that he needs to make a move right away. Ross goes out on the balcony with Rachel and works up the courage to ask her out. A cat jumps on his back before he can get the words out and then Rachel becomes obsessed with finding the cat's owner. Rachel brings back Paolo.

Rachel: has never had sex in a weird place. She believes it's because she's never been in a relationship with that kind of passion. Ross comforts her and then he comes out to the balcony to talk to her. Before Ross can say anything she spots the cat and the cat jumps on Ross. Rachel decides she needs to find the owner of the cat, so she and Phoebe go around the building. Rachel runs in to Paolo and finds the passion she's been looking for.

Monica: thinks that Ross is planning her a surprise party when he's on the balcony with Rachel. Or at least, Joey tells her that to keep her from interrupting Ross making his move. She also used to have a crush on Joey when he first moved in because of his nice arms.

Joey: attempts to help Ross make a move. He lies to Monica to keep her from getting in the way. He keeps harassing Monica about his nice arms.

Phoebe: sings in this episode! She thinks she's the last person in the group to find out stuff. She goes with Rachel to find the owner of the cat.

Chandler: is in an ATM vestibule when the blackout happens and is trapped inside with a Victoria's Secret model (Jill Goodacre). He's really nervous and awkward, which leads to incredible, though inadvertent, creepiness. He chokes on a piece of gum and Jill gives him the Heimlich, breaking the ice between them. They hang out for the rest of the blackout and before Jill leaves she kisses him on the cheek. Chandler asks the security people for a copy of the surveillance tape.

  • Ross wears a horrible sweater.
The neck looks like it's trying to eat his head.

  • Jill Goodacre tells her mom she's stuck in the ATM vestibule with 'some guy.' Chandler's all excited to be 'some guy,' which makes me think of 'some pig' from 'Charlotte's Web.'
  • They watch Ugly Naked Guy light candles and he burns...something.
  • Rachel's never had sex in a strange place. This doesn't make sense to me because she had sex with, like, everyone when they were in high school. Surely, in all that time, she had sex somewhere weird. One would think.
  • Rachel wears a really awesome skirt this episode. It totally makes up for all the denim.
It's pleated and all kinds of nifty and I want one.

  • Mr. Heckles makes his first appearance. Rachel and Phoebe go to his apartment to see if the cat is his.

  • I. Hate. Paolo. Sincerely.
My brain refuses to recognize any sort of hotness he may have. I don't get it. I feel like I should find him attractive, Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe do, but all I can muster up is a lackluster meh. So greasy.
  • Ross's face when the lights come on and Rachel and Paolo are kissing:
Poor, sad Ross.

  • I can't adequately articulate how much I love this.


"Well, it was the only thing that didn't have a line." -Ross, telling about he and Carol having sex on the 'It's a Small World After All' Disney ride.

, it kind of...burns out. But hopefully what you're left with is trust, and security, and, well...in the case of my ex-wife, lesbianism." -Ross, explaining passionate relationships to Rachel.

The First time Phoebe sings!!! It's really something that must be heard to appreciate.

"During a blackout? He'd get trampled!"
"Yeah?" -Rachel and Ross, after the cat jumps on Ross.

"No, I mean tonight, in the building. Suddenly. Into our lives." -Ross, wanting to know where Paolo came from.

"That's funny, because you know, you are a huge crapweasel!" -Ross, talking to Paolo.


  1. I had the same problem with Rachel. How is it possible that she hasn't had sex somewhere weird. She supposedly had sex all the time. Whatever.

  2. Exactly! And sure the backseat of a car isn't that weird, but it's better than 'the foot of the bed'.