Wednesday, February 10, 2010

TOW: Nana Dies Twice

Ross: The gang is having dinner together at Monica and Rachel's when the call comes that Monica and Ross's Nana is dying. Ross and Monica go to the hospital. A nurse tells the family that Nana has passed. Ross and Monica go in to say good-bye, but when Ross leans down to kiss her, Nana comes back to life. After Nana is definitely gone, Ross helps his mom and aunt pick out Nana's outfit. While in her closet searching for shoes, Ross finds all the Sweet n' Low packets Nana stole over the years. Ross falls in to an open grave at the cemetery and hurts his back. He takes prescription pain pills and passes out on Rachel's lap.

Monica: helps her dad pick out caskets after Nana dies. At the hospital, and then throughout the episode, Mrs. Geller continuously criticizes Monica. After the funeral, Mrs. Geller tells Monica how critical Nana could be. Monica asks her mom if it would've been better to tell Nana how she felt, but Mrs. Geller says 'no.' Mrs. Geller goes to fix Monica's hair, but stops when she realizes she's being like Nana.

Chandler: is at work when co-worker Shelly talks about setting him up on a blind date for Saturday. Shelly thinks Chandler is gay. At Monica and Rachel's, he asks if the others thought he was gay. Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel thought he was when they first met. Chandler tries to find out what about him seems gay, but all anyone can say is that it's "a quality." At work, Chandler asks Shelly why she thought he was gay. They discuss Chandler's chances with Lowell from Financial Services and how Brian from pay-role is out of his league. At the end of the episode, Chandler talks to Lowell about gay-dar and how Brian is gay, but out of Chandler's league.

Joey: brings a portable tv to Nana's funeral to watch a Giants, Cowboys game. At the Geller's, all the male family and friends end up watching the game.

Rachel: Paolo sends her shoes from Italy. She steps in mud at the cemetery. Ross is gleeful.

Phoebe: doesn't have much to do this episode. :(

  • Maybe Shelly thinks Chandler is gay because he calls her "gorgeous." Just sayin'.
  • Nana has a giant armoire shoved in her closet. Ross has to climb over it so he can pick out the clothes she'll be buried in. So, uh, if her clothes are behind the armoire, how did Nana get dressed?
  • It's raining sugar packets!
What's the point of collecting Sweet n' Low?

  • Brian from pay-role makes me think of this Brian:
It'd really change the show, no?

  • The sunglasses brigade makes me giggle.

  • The gaggle of men behind Mrs. Geller's shoulder:
is, in no way, conspicuous. Way to be subtle, guys. Also, Rachel sitting their with Ross on her lap just about kills me. She wipes cracker crumbs off him at one point. Amazing.

Oh. My. God.

"Dehydrated Japanese noodles under fluorescent lights. Does it get any better than this?" -Chandler to Shelly, while having lunch at work.

"She may have died."
"She may have died?"
"We're looking into it." -Mr. Geller and Aunt Lillian, discussing Nana's status.

"Yeah, you have homosexual hair." -Phoebe, about Chandler's 'quality.'

"I just sharpened her this morning." -Rachel to Phoebe, after giving her a little yellow pencil to remind Phoebe of her dead friend, Debbie.

"...And then we throw your body in the water...Gee, that does sound fun." -Monica, responding to Mr. Geller wanting to be buried at sea.

"Excuse me? You don't think I could get a Brian? Because I could get a Brian. Believe you me...I'm really not." -Chandler, after Shelly says Brian from pay-role is out of his league.

"That's really a day shoe."
"And where she's going everyone else'll be dressier?" -Mrs. Geller and Ross, deciding on Nana's shoes.

"Not the first two, but the second two, woooo!" -Ross, after taking pain meds.

"Now I'm depressed!" -Mr. Geller, watching the football game.

"Your grandmother would've hated this."
"Well, sure, what with it being her funeral and all." -Mrs. Geller and Monica.

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