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TOW: the Flashback

The Set up: The gang's in Central Perk with Janice. Janice asks how many of them have hooked up. They answer none of them (except, y'know, Ross and Rachel). Janice then asks if any of them have gotten close to hooking up.

Three years earlier:
Monica: keeps noticing Phoebe acting really weird about her stuff. She's incredibly, incredibly controlling about the cleanliness of her apartment. She sees Joey as he leaves after viewing Chandler's apartment. They check each other out. Monica and Chandler go to the bar and Monica asks him about the roommate situation; she wants his roommate to be Joey because she thinks Joey's cute. They're getting ready to play pool and she goes to the restroom (it's not specified, so just guessing). When she comes back she notices Rachel, who's in the city with her dumb rich friends. Monica and Rachel catch up and say they'll get together sometime. Monica doubts she'll ever see Rachel again. Monica runs into Joey again when he's moving in. She thanks Chandler for choosing Joey to be his roommate. She catches Joey when he picks up a box that's too heavy. She mentions it being hot out and offers him some lemonade. She prepares the lemonade and tells Joey about how she got her apartment. When she turns around, Joey is naked. She freaks out and Joey explains himself. Monica vacuums and finally notices that Phoebe's moved all of her stuff out. She asks Phoebe about it and learns that Phoebe couldn't stand living with her because she's so obsessive about cleanliness. Chandler comes in for beer and Monica's just gotten out of the bath. She's upset because Phoebe leaving and afraid no guy is going to want to be with her. Chandler comforts her. She, Chandler, and Joey go to the bar and run into Phoebe and Ross.

Ross: has kind of been having some problems with Carol. He tells Chandler that things have gotten better since Carol met a new girl friend, Susan, at the gym. Later on in the week (I'm assuming) Ross is at Monica's with Phoebe, talking to Carol on the phone. Carol's worried Ross will be upset if she has a girl's night with Susan. Ross assures her that it's okay; he just wants her to have fun. He knows about Phoebe's moving out of Monica's and encourages Phoebe to tell Monica. At the end of the episode, Ross goes into the bar and sees Phoebe. The bar is closed, they are the only two people there. Ross tells Phoebe that his marriage is over because Carol is a lesbian. He's really upset and Phoebe comforts him. Ross wonders about what he could've done wrong to cause their marriage to fail. Phoebe tells him how great he is and keeps kissing him on the cheek. They end up making out. Ross lays her down on the pool table, pushing the balls out of the way. He keeps hitting his head on one of the lights and the balls keep getting in the way. They give up on hooking up. Joey, Chandler, and Monica come in and Ross and Phoebe jump apart. Ross tells the others about Carol.

Chandler: is searching for a new roommate, but he's not excited about any of his prospects. He interviews a photographer, Eric. Eric is a fashion photographer, warns Chandler there might be models around a lot, and lets him know that his sister, who's also a porn star, has a beach house (which Chandler can use). Chandler thinks Eric is the perfect roommate, but he goes ahead and interviews Joey. He shows Joey the apartment as fast as possible and tries to get rid of him, but Joey insists that Chandler actually interview him. Chandler tells Monica he's going with Eric. He and Monica go to the bar and prepare to play pool. Monica goes to the restroom and Chandler's waiting when he notices Rachel and her friends. He overhears Rachel talking about wanting a fling with the next guy she sees. Chandler throws a ball on the floor at her feet to be that guy. Rachel dismisses him. Eric tries to move in, but is stopped by Mr. Heckles who says he is Chandler's new roommate. Chandler thinks Eric just didn't show up. He asks Joey to move in with him. Chandler notices Joey watching Baywatch. Chandler thinks it looks pretty silly until he sees the girls. He goes to Monica's later in the evening for beer and comforts her while she's upset. He goes to the bar with Joey and Monica.

Joey: interviews to be Chandler's roommate. He checks out Monica as he's leaving. He also checks her out as he's moving in. He grabs a big box, not expecting it to be too heavy and nearly falls. Monica holds him up. He picked the box up too fast and got a head rush. Monica suggests it was because of the heat and offers him lemonade. Joey assumes she's offering sex and as she prepares the drink, he undresses. When Monica freaks out, he explains that he really thought she was offering sex because that happens to him a lot. He introduces Chandler to Baywatch. He has beer in a cooler so they don't have to go to the fridge.

Rachel: is in the city with two of her friends to celebrate her engagement to Barry. She's getting married in a year. She shows off her ring, but isn't too sure about the marriage. She tells her friends she wants to have a fling. They laugh it off, but she's serious. Chandler wants to be the guy she has a fling with, but she doesn't pay much attention to him. A waitress brings she and her friends drinks and they're wrong. Rachel complains. Monica sees her and calls her name. Rachel automatically shows of her ring. She runs up to hug Monica and they catch up, but it's awkward. She suggests they get together the next time she's in the city. She goes back into the bar after it's closed. Chandler is there. She tells him she wants him and starts kissing him. It's a fantasy. Her friends tell her she's missed their exit on the interstate.

Phoebe: secretly moves out of the apartment she shares with Monica. She doesn't want to hurt Monica by telling her she wasn't able to live with her. She secretly moves stuff out each time she visits. Monica has no idea she doesn't live there anymore. Ross attempts to convince her to tell Monica the truth, but Phoebe won't. Finally, Monica notices that Phoebe's room is nearly empty. Phoebe tells her that they wouldn't have been able to stay friends and live together. Phoebe couldn't take Monica's obsessive cleanliness. She's in the bar, drinking a beer when Ross comes in upset. They talk about Carol's lesbianism and friendly comfort turns into something else. They start making out, but don't follow through. Chandler, Joey, and Monica come in and the moment passes.

  • Cute Naked Guy appears to be gaining some weight.
  • Aw, look at Chandler and his goatee!!
Matthew Perry with facial hair just does not do it for me.
  • The episode where everyone discusses "the quality" that makes Chandler seem gay, TOW: Nana Dies Twice, all the guys say they didn't think he was gay. Except in this episode, Joey does think he's gay.
  • Ugh!! I hate Rachel's friends. Hate them.
What is with that chicks hair? It's so big, like a giant orange plant is sprouting from her skull.
  • Mr. Heckles comes buy to complain about the noise.
  • We learn how Monica got her apartment. Her grandma (I'm assuming not the one that died twice) moved to Florida and Monica got the apartment. She pretends to live with her grandma so the landlord won't find out and kick her out.
  • I kinda love that Joey gets hit on enough to take an offer for lemonade as a come-on. cap121
  • The play a lot of pool in this episode, and every time I start writing 'pull.'
  • Rachel pulls a Fonz!! During her fantasy she comes back in the bar and hits the jukebox to get it to start playing. It's pretty awesome.
  • Central Perk used to be a bar.
  • Monica's place looks so different!
There are tons, tons, of plants. And a lot of floral patterned stuff. I guess maybe it's all Phoebe's? I don't know. I don't like it, though. The couch is also in a different place. Oh, and the kitchen table is different.

Oh. My. God.

"Who of the six of you has slept with the six of you?"
"Wow, it's like a dirty math problem." -Janice and Phoebe.

"Well, there was that one time that Monica and Rachel got together." -Joey, answering Janice's question with a fantasy.

"Oh-ho and yes, the guy that enjoyed my name so much he felt the need to make a little noise every time he said it. Nice to meet you Chandler Bing, Bing! Great apartment Chandler Bing, Bing!" -Chandler, about a guy he considered for a roommate.

"I answered the phone 'Chandler Bing,' he said 'Whoa-ho, short message'." - Chandler, commenting on Joey's phone mannerisms.

"Ross, foot on the floor or come over no more!" -Monica, scolding Ross for using the coffee table as a footrest.

"Oh, and don't worry, I'm totally okay with the gay thing."
"What gay thing?" -Joey and Chandler, during Joey's roommate interview.

"Oh yes, and that's what I want, a roommate that I can walk around with and be referred to as the funny one." -Chandler, to Monica about why he's not living with Joey.

"I mean, how hard is it to get a couple drinks right, huh?" -Rachel, criticizing the waitress at the bar.

"Excuse me, I seemed to have dropped my ball." -Chandler, wanting to get Rachel's attention so he can be her fling.

"Ten bucks says, I never see that woman again in my life." -Monica, after seeing Rachel in the bar.

"So, what are they doing?"
"I don't know, something girlie." -Phoebe and Ross, discussing what Carol and Susan have planned.

"Okay, here's your penis!" -Monica, giving Joey lemonade and not realizing he'd undressed.

"Okay, this is what I'm talking about, this. I--I need to live in a land where people can spill!" -Phoebe, on why she can't live with Monica.

"What? I'm just sad."
"No you're not, you're wondering which cushion it is." -Monica and Phoebe, after Monica learns Phoebe spilled spaghetti on the couch.

"Wow! Look at them run!" -Chandler, watching Baywatch for the first time.

"Cause Carol's a lesbian. And--and I'm not one. And apparently it's not a mix and match situation." -Ross, telling Phoebe about Carol.

"Hey, do you think that Susan person is her lover?"
"Well, now I do!" -Phoebe and Ross, about Carol and Susan.

"No, I mean it, this feels really good. Is it a hundred percent cotton?" -Chandler, hugging Monica and liking her towel.

"Stupid balls are in the way." -Ross, making out with Phoebe on the pool table.

"Oh, Ross, you're right, I don't know why I always thought this was real grass!" -Phoebe, about the pool table when Chandler, Joey, and Monica walk in.

"Hey, are you okay?"
"My wife's a lesbian."
"Cool!!" -Monica, Ross, and Joey.

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