Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TOW: the Giant Poking Device

Phoebe: takes a brownie that Rachel makes and spits it out. Not because it wasn't good, but because she has a horrible toothache. Ross says he knows a good dentist, but Phoebe has a dentist, she just doesn't want to go to him. Several people she knows have died while she's been at the dentist and she refuses to go. At Central Perk, she tries to take a bite out of an apple, but she can't. Rachel convinces her to just go to the dentist. When she leaves for her appointment she tells everyone to be careful. After her trip to the dentist, she runs into Monica and Rachel's, excited to see they're alive. She starts calling everyone she knows to ensure they lived. Phoebe's finally convinced she didn't kill anyone she knows by going to the dentist, but Joey notices that Ugly Naked Guy isn't moving. Phoebe has to know if he's alive, so they fashion a giant poking device out of chopsticks. Ugly Naked Guy is still alive.

Joey: comes into Central Perk with Monica and they tell everyone (but Chandler) about Janice's kiss with her ex. Joey doesn't know what to do, but he really doesn't want to tell Chandler. He and Chandler walk by a jewelry store and Chandler contemplates buying Janice pearls for her birthday. Joey tries to talk him out of it by suggesting other gifts, but Chandler doesn't like any of them. Joey tells Chandler what he saw. After Phoebe's dentist appointment, Joey notices that Ugly Naked Guy isn't moving. He suggests they fashion a giant poking device to see if Ugly Naked Guy is still alive. He goes to his apartment and sees Chandler. They talk about what happened between Chandler and Janice and Joey says that if he was Chandler, he'd bow out because Janice has a family. Joey and the others use the poking device. They all enjoy poking Ugly Naked Guy.

Chandler: has no idea about Janice's betrayal. He's planning to buy her something really great and expensive for her birthday. When he and Joey walk past a jewelry store, he contemplates getting her pearls. Joey doesn't want him too, and Chandler can't figure out what Joey's problem is. Chandler decides to ignore him and go into the store, but before he can Joey tells him about Janice and her ex. Chandler waits for Janice and when she comes in to the apartment he confronts her. Janice is astounded that Chandler found out; there was also more than one kiss between her and her ex. Janice hyperventilates. Chandler asks who she cares for more, but Janice cares for them both. Chandler wants her to choose, but she doesn't know who she wants. When Joey comes in for chopsticks for the poking device, Chandler's angrily playing darts. He doesn't care about the poking device at all. He and Joey discuss what happened and Joey tentatively offers his advice. Chandler meets with Janice at Central Perk and ends their relationship. He's decided Joey was right and he doesn't want to be the one to come between a family. As Janice leaves, Chandler freaks out and changes his mind. He begs her not to go back to her husband and clings to her leg. He steals her shoe, but she walks out. At the end of the episode, he listens to "Endless Love." Phoebe comes in to his apartment and they sing together.

Ross, Rachel, and Monica: Ross has Ben, but gets a call from the museum. He has to go in and fix a display. He asks Monica to watch Ben, but Rachel gets her feelings hurt. Ross asks her instead. Rachel plays with Ben for a bit, but decides he's bored. Monica takes him to play the airplane game. She throws him up in the air, which he really enjoys, until she throws him into the exposed beam that separates the kitchen from the living room. She and Rachel freak out about it. Monica decides they won't tell Ross, which Rachel is okay with until she sees that Ben has a bump. They decide Ben needs a hat, but they don't have a child's hat. Rachel has a bear that's dressed in rainy day gear. She gets the bear for his hat. They end up dressing Ben in the bear's whole outfit, but Ben's started saying "Monica bang." Monica tries to bribe him with ice cream, but he keeps saying "Monica bang." Ross comes home and makes fun of the outfit. Ben says "Monica bang," but Monica laughs it off. When Ross puts Ben down for his nap, he sees the bump. He tells Rachel it's okay, but she really needs to watch him at all times the next time she babysits. Rachel's offended and rats Monica out. Ross tells Monica that Ben's forgot two of the letters in the alphabet song and one of his legs is moving funny and he's walking around in circles. Monica's horrified, but then realizes Ross is teasing. She chases him around the apartment until he runs into one of the support beams. They all participate in the poking.
  • The list of people who've died while Phoebe is at the dentist: Her Aunt Mary, her mailman, and her friend Albino Bob. Uh, I want a friend we call Albino Bob.
  • I guess Rainy Day Bear is supposed to be like Paddington Bear, only in yellow?

  • I really don't think they needed to dress Ben in the entire Rainy Day Bear ensemble.
But is that not the most adorable thing ever??
  • I feel bad for Chandler. He's in a really tough situation. Though why Janice would choose the Mattress King over him is beyond me.
  • This is just a really funny picture.
Inexplicably, this picture makes me think of Templeton from Charlotte's Web.
  • It kills me when Chandler steals Janice's shoe.
She limps out of Central Perk with dignity, though. Well, as much dignity as one can have in those pants.
  • Admit it, you've always wanted to create a giant poking device to harass your fat, naked neighbor with.
I was going to fashion my own giant poking device for the purpose of this blog, but alas, I didn't have enough chopsticks. You should all lament accordingly.
  • Chandler and Phoebe sing "Endless Love."

I have endless love for the fact that he's still got her shoe.
Oh. My. God.
"See. That is the problem with invisible dentists." -Chandler, when Phoebe says she can't see her dentist.

"It's, it's, it's just ah--a coincidence."
"Well tell that to them. Oh! You can't, they're dead." -Ross and Phoebe, about the people dying when she's at the dentist.

"Oh, like you don't already have everything." -Gunther, after Ross asks for napkins.

"Ewww! Ugly Naked Guy is using his new hammock. It's like a Play-Doh fat factory." -Joey, watching Ugly Naked Guy.

"If the Homo Sapiens were in fact 'Homo-Sapien,' is that why they're extinct?"
"Joey, Homo Sapiens are people."
"Hey--hey I'm not judging." -Joey and Ross, when Joey is confused about what Homo-Sapiens are.

"Oh my God! Well, push it in! Push it in!"
"I cannot push it in!" -Monica and Rachel, seeing the bump on Ben's head.

"Oh, oh, oh, I'll get Rainy Day Bear!!"
"Because he'll know what to do?" -Rachel and Monica, looking for a small hat for Ben.

"Oh, it's just like a bloodbath in here today." -Rachel, when Monica rips Rainy Day Bear's head off.

"That's a good idea, 'Dear Janice, have a Hubba-Bubba birthday'." -Chandler, after Joey suggests he buy Janice gum.

"All right. Look, I'm gonna go in here, and you don't buy me anything EVER." -Chandler, after Joey says he should get Janice a barium enema.

"Bet that barium enema doesn't sound so bad now, huh?" -Joey, telling Chandler about Janice and her ex.

"Y'know, if it's not a headboard, it's just not worth it." -Rachel, when Monica wants her to bang her head as an example to Ben.

"Okay, If you're alive you answer your phone!" -Phoebe, yelling at Chandler when he doesn't answer the phone while he's fighting with Janice.

"What'd you do, take him whaling?" -Ross, seeing Ben in the Rainy Day outfit.

"Monica Bang!"
"Oh, that's right, that's what I'd sound like if I exploded." -Ben and Monica.

"And tell them what? The naked guy we stare at all the time isn't moving?" -Ross, discussing what to do about Ugly Naked Guy.

"Y'know it serves me right for buying that twelve pack of condoms. And now I can't even return them because she choked on the receipt!" -Chandler, upset about ending his relationship with Janice.

"Are you okay? Do you wanna, uh, come poke a nude guy?" -Joey, comforting Chandler.

"I hope it's still funny when you're in hell." -Rachel, after Ross lies to Monica about Ben's behavior.

"You can't leave! I have your shoe!" -Chandler, after ending his relationship with Janice and not wanting her to go.

"I'm telling you, he's dead. What we are about to have here is a dead fat guy on a stick." -Phoebe, while they're poking Ugly Naked Guy.

"And yet, we're still poking him." -Monica, after Ugly Naked Guy moves.

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