Sunday, April 25, 2010

TOW: Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister

Chandler and Joey: Chandler sees Janice and her husband ice skating. It really upsets him how happy they look together. At Joey's party, he does a ton of Jello shot and gets completely wasted. He comes into Monica and Rachel's the next day with a horrible hangover. Joey isn't there and he tells everyone else that he made out with one of Joey's sisters, only he doesn't remember which. The gang is horrified, but they get all the sisters confused, too. Joey storms into Monica and Rachel's and demands to talk to Chandler. Joey's sister called, telling him about her time with Chandler. The sister feels pretty seriously about Chandler and Joey's worried about Chandler's motives. Chandler says that the sister, Mary Angela, is not just a rebound from Janice. Chandler still doesn't know which sister is Mary Angela. Chandler writes a letter breaking off his relationship with Mary Angela. Ross tells him he can't end the relationship with a letter. Chandler goes to Joey's parents' house to talk to Mary Angela, but Joey answers the door. Chandler keeps it together, asking to see Mary Angela. Joey shows Chandler into the dining room, where all the sisters are sitting. Chandler has an awkward dinner with Joey's family. He keeps asking Mary Angela questions, to figure out which sister she is, but the grandma keeps answering. Finally, the sister sitting by Chandler tells him to excuse himself from the table. He does and this sister kisses him. He thinks she's Mary Angela, but she isn't--she's Mary Therese (Mimi Lieber). He asks which one is Mary Angela and Mary Angela (Holly Gagnier) is standing in the doorway to hear. Mary Angela calls Joey in and all the sisters come. Mary Angela tells Joey what happened. The sisters want Joey to hit Chandler, but Joey won't. Chandler apologizes and promises to never do anything like that again. Joey accepts, but wants Chandler to apologize to Mary Angela. Chandler can't remember which is Mary Angela. Another sister, Cookie, punches Chandler.

Rachel and Ross: Rachel can't stand her job with Fortunata Fashions. Her boss, Mr. Kaplan (Shelley Berman) says he has a special, fashion related, task for her. He wants her to organize a closet jammed with hangers. Rachel goes to Monica's diner and complains about her job. She wants to quit, but doesn't feel that she can. There's a man sitting at the counter while Rachel bitches to Monica. During Rachel's story, the man laughs. Rachel gets really offended and brushes him off. Until he tells her he works at Bloomingdale's, they're hiring, and he can get her in for an interview. Rachel shares her news with Ross, who far from being excited, is upset. He thinks this guy, Mark (Steven Eckholdt) , wants to sleep with Rachel. He can't stop talking about how Mark's only motivation is sex. Rachel ignores him. She waits all weekend for Mark to call, but by Sunday night he hasn't. Per Monica's advice, Rachel calls Mark (she has his home number). Ross is upset, but tries to pretend it's no big deal. Mark tells Rachel that she got the interview and it's scheduled for the next day. Mark also offered to take Rachel to lunch and prep her for the interview. Rachel runs off to the apartment to pick out her clothes. Ross yells at Monica for suggesting Rachel call Mark. Monica tells Ross to grow up. Ross waits for Rachel after her interview. She tells Ross that it went really well and she feels good about it. Mark comes out of the elevator and tells Rachel she got the job. Rachel hugs Mark and not Ross.

Monica: is having a problem with the upstairs neighbor (so is Rachel). He took the carpet up and now they can hear everything he does. She thinks Mark is hot and tells Ross. She and Rachel are hanging out at home when they hear the guy upstairs fooling around with Phoebe. They both rush out and end up in Central Perk. Ross is there and this is when Monica tells Rachel to just call Mark. When Ross gets up set at her for her suggestion, Monica says that Ross should be happy for Rachel and not jealous. Just because Mark may want Rachel doesn't mean Rachel feels the same way.

Phoebe: decides to go talk to the loud upstairs guy, even though Monica and Rachel have and he's just too charming. Phoebe goes up with guns blazing, but the guy proves too charming for her as well. So charming, in fact, that at Joey's party, Phoebe tells Monica she'll be going on a date with him. Monica and Rachel hear how well Phoebe's date goes (extremely well). Phoebe feels really good about how things are going between her and the loud guy. That is until everyone hears the guy having sex with another woman. Phoebe's upset and the guys decide to go up and confront the loud guy. The confrontation doesn't go well, the guy upstairs is just too damn charming.

  • I like the idea behind Chandler not remembering which sister, but this episode is a little unexciting. Everything is really good, including Phoebe and the guy upstairs and Rachel's job,
  • Rachel's fashion related project
Maybe "No more wire hangers, EVER!!!" isn't such a bad policy.

  • I have several things to say about Ross, Rachel, and Mark. As a seriously jealous person, I get where Ross is coming from. But as a seriously jealous person who knows that her jealousy is ridiculous, I think Ross is being an idiot. Rachel never shows a hint of interest in Mark. Ross's whole issue is that Mark may be interested in Rachel, and so the eff what. Monica's right when she tells him to grow up.
This is Mark. He's hot, I guess, but not that great. He looks really smarmy.
  • I'm not defending Chandler, what he did was pretty bad, but can you blame him?
They all have rather large dark hair and they all wear shades of red. Unless you knew them incredibly well, you'd get them confused.
  • This is the sister who kisses Chandler at dinner.
But she's not Mary Angela, she's Mary Therese. The actress kinda reminds me of Minnie Driver.
  • Mary Therese bothers me. She kisses Chandler, but freaks out when Chandler doesn't know which sister is Mary Angela. So it's okay to make out with a guy your sister likes?
  • And this is Mary Angela
Her fuzzy slippers are awesome. For one of Joey's sisters, she looks almost frumpy.
  • Joey thinks he can do magic.

Oh.My. God.

"Ah, somebody's at the door on the ceiling." -Ross, hearing the loud guy walking upstairs.

"I almost feel bad for whipping that kid's pretzel at them." -Chandler, after seeing Janice and her husband.

"Stick out your tongue!"
"Take off your shirt!" -Monica and Chandler, while Chandler is drunk.

"Huh. Sounds like Mark wants to have some sex." -Ross, learning about what Mark's doing for Rachel.

"I didn't have to because I was wearing my 'I heart Ross' sandwich board and ringing my bell." -Rachel, when Ross asks if she told Mark she had a boyfriend.

"Okay, how many of that girl are you seeing?" -drunk Chandler, when Joey's sisters come in.

"Those are some huge breasts you have." -drunk Chandler, to one of Joey's sisters.

"Well, my apartment isn't there anymore because I drank it." -Chandler, hungover.

"Are you insane? I mean, Joey is going to kill you. He's actually going to kill you dead." -Monica. hearing about Chandler not remembering which sister.

"Well, that's the part where you tell him I moved to France. When actually I'll be in Cuba." -Chandler, showing Ross his letter to Mary-Angela.

"High collar and baggy pants say I'm a pro!" -Ross, advising Rachel what to wear for her lunch with Mark and interview.

"What did I do to you? Did I hurt you in some way?" -Ross, upset with Monica for suggesting Rachel call Mark.

"Eavesdropping? Pheebs, the ceiling tiles were falling down." -Rachel, letting Phoebe know they heard how her date went.

"Maybe he's jumping on a pogo-stick and really likes it? (Pause) Maybe the pogo-stick likes it too?" -Ross, trying to ease Phoebe's mind when they hear the guy upstairs with someone else.


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