Thursday, April 8, 2010

TOW: the Google Search Terms

In great blogger tradition I thought it'd be fun to do a post about Google search terms. Some of them...boggle the mind.

First, we'll start with the fanfiction. I'm all for fanfic's, I prefer Harry Potter, but to each his own. Sadly, no one was searching for Chandler/Joey, they wanted the more standard fare of Monica and Chandler or Phoebe and Joey. Although, someone did search "friends all by myself montage joey chandler." Awesome.

Then we have the standard search stuff; y'know the stuff this blog can actually provide you with, such as information about the episode where Rachel pours marinara sauce in Monica's bag (TO: After the Superbowl) or where Ross practices dirty talk with Joey (TOW: the Stoned Guy). There were several searches regarding the WENUS and ANUS. There's even one about Phoebe's 'the cow in the meadow goes moo' song.

But these searches are my absolute favorite. So far, the search terms have been what you expected, but these two...these two might just murder my brain. Number one is www.joeyporn. I was honestly confounded by this. Maybe they wanted the episode where he's in a porn? Maybe there's a Matt Le Blanc porno or one with a lead character named Joey Tribbiani? So, I googled this and apparently it's a place that sells domain names (there are also lots of porn flicks starring guys named Joey).

The second one, and this is truly baffling is animalsex blogspot. I searched. It exists. I've tried to look and I just can't make myself. Anyone brave enough...let me know. What's baffling is that someone searched for this and that the site is real; I know why my blog came up, Ross yelling "Animal sex!" at Rachel.

Finally, the people who searched for 'ebola snark' and 'joey in an elf suite'--I love you.

Now it's time for a fun video!!!! It's the season two blooper reel!! I have an insane love for gag reels.

Happy Friday!!

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