Monday, May 10, 2010

TOW: the Screamer

Rachel: decides to bring a date to Joey's play when she learns that Ross is bringing a date. She and Ross, plus their dates, arrive at the theater first. She introduces her date, Tommy (Ben Stiller), and goes to the restroom with Ross's date, Cailin (Laura Cayouette). She doesn't think anything is wrong with Tommy and plans to see him again. The gang is at Central Perk when Ross tells her that Tommy yelled at a couple of strangers at the play. Rachel doesn't believe him; she just thinks Ross is jealous she's dating someone else. Rachel leaves with Tommy, but they end up back at Monica and Rachel's. Phoebe is on the phone, but Tommy needs it. Chandler tells Tommy he can use Chandler and Joey's phone. Tommy goes into Chandler and Joey's and picks up the chick, who poops in his hand. Tommy yells at the chick and then starts in on the duck. The gang (except Joey) bursts in to the apartment, catching Tommy in the act. Rachel and Tommy break up.

Ross: hesitatingly says he needs two tickets for the opening of Joey's play. He doesn't want it to be weird for Rachel and the others, if he brings a date. It's a woman he works with at the museum. He, Rachel, and their dates are the first to arrive at the theater. Rachel and Cailin go to the restroom, leaving Ross and Tommy to find their seats. Their seats are occupied by an older couple. Ross informs them they are in the wrong seats, but when the couple doesn't react immediately, Tommy screams at them. The couple scurries away and Ross is wary. After the play, Ross tells Chandler about Tommy yelling at the strangers, but Chandler doesn't take it seriously. He thinks Ross is upset that Rachel's dating someone else, so more inclined to dislike Tommy. Ross spends so much time waiting for Tommy to blow up again, that Cailin leaves. The group is at Central Perk and Rachel's waiting for Tommy. Ross tells her about Tommy yelling at the couple, but nobody takes him seriously. They all think he's jealous. Ross leaves and almost runs into Tommy, nearly spilling hot coffee on him. Tommy freaks at Ross, but no one notices. When Tommy goes into Central Perk, he's completely calm and Ross can't believe it. Later that evening, at Monica and Rachel's, Ross attempts to make Tommy yell by almost spilling coffee on him again, but Tommy laughs it off. Rachel scolds him for acting like there's something wrong with Tommy. Ross's proved right when Tommy is caught yelling at the chick and the duck.

Joey: has the opening night of his play. He gets comped tickets for all his friends, plus some dates. He's excited that everyone can meet Kate. Everyone hangs out and parties after the play; they're waiting for the first reviews. Joey tries to introduce Kate to everyone, but the director pulls her away. Joey introduces Lauren, who's still pretty upset about how Joey treated her. Estelle congratulates Joey and thinks that Monica and Rachel should act because of their looks. The director brings in the first review and reads it out loud. Joey's review is that "he's not the worst thing" about the play. Kate's review is bad, saying she's uneven. The director's review is so bad, he freaks out, blames the failure on the cast, and stalks out. After everyone leaves, Joey comforts a pretty drunk Kate. He tells her to ignore the reviews; that the critics are just people who couldn't make it in acting. The director broke up with her. Kate's upset she left a good job on a soap opera to be in the play. Joey offers to walk her home and she accepts. They end up kissing, but Joey stops it to ask what's up with Kate. He doesn't understand why she pushed him away in the first place. She tries to explain, but is sort of insulting about it. What she really means is that she should go for Joey because he's the sweetest. They almost kiss again, but Kate passes out. Joey lays her down and covers her up. He strolls into Monica and Rachel's the next morning, still in his clothes form the night before. He tells Monica about his night with Kate. Nothing sexual happened between them, but when Kate woke up, they spent the night talking. Monica says they had 'the night' where two people realize they like one another and share about their lives. Joey's really happy. He comes late to the next performance because of some problem with the chick and duck. He runs on stage to see Lauren in place of Kate. Lauren tells Joey that Kate's got a job in L.A. Joey's upset about it. Kate comes to say good-bye before the end of the play. She's going to be on General Hospital. Joey wants to go with her to the airport, but she says their isn't time. When Joey's character says good-bye to Lauren's, he's really talking to Kate.

Monica: is excited to have a boyfriend. That's pretty much it. She talks about how great Pete is, they have a lot of sex, and make dirty movies.

Phoebe: has a broken phone. The warranty is up in two days, so she calls the company to get the broken phone replaced before the warranty is up. She's on hold and refuses to put the phone down. They have to get ready for the play, but Phoebe thinks she's going to be the next caller put on with a representative. Later that evening, when Monica and Rachel get in, Phoebe's still on the phone. She missed Joey's play to stay on hold. She also moved all of Monica's stuff to Rachel's room and vice versa. She stays up all night on hold. Phoebe apologizes to Joey for missing his play, but she's really distracted with fatigue and waiting to get off hold. She's been on hold for two days. Monica's not happy with her because Pete keeps calling and Phoebe won't let him talk to Monica. Phoebe realizes that the two day call was not toll-free, but she doesn't hang up. Finally, everyone yells at her to hang up the phone. She does and the phone breaks.

Chandler: plays with the chick and duck a lot. Gunther delivers coffee to him from a girl at the bar, but takes it back because Chandler was the wrong person. He doesn't believe Ross that Tommy yelled at complete strangers.

  • I don't have much to say about this episode. I like it okay, but it's nothing special. Except for Ben Stiller. But I he doesn't have much to do.
  • Phoebe gets stuck in a sweater because she's too focused on her phone call.
She looks like a Fraggle, or something.
  • Ugh, I'm still so sick of freaking Kate. SHE SUCKS. And, she mocks Joey when they first met because he was on soap, but she turned down General Hospital to be in the play. I'm so glad she leaves. Selfish bitch.
  • Ben Stiller, I love.
  • The director is an incredibly irritating character. But I like him for screaming "A plague on both your houses!" at Joey and Kate. Only because I heart Mercutio, though.
  • I'm always disappointed that Joey's play is sooo dumb. Up til this point, it's seemed really serious, like an intense drama about this relationship between Vic and Adrienne. Instead, he travels through space to find other fuel sources. What?

Oh. My. God.

"Who's number two? One of the more difficult games sewer workers play." -Chandler, when Monica asks Ross who number two is.

"Oh Worm medicine for the duck." -Chandler, to Joey, after Joey says he used Chandler's cologne.

"Can you take a chick and a duck to the theater?" -Chandler, to Monica and Phoebe.

"Ooh, what a shame! Because with her face and her chest, I could really put something together."
"Could I borrow it?" -Estelle and Chandler, about Monica and Rachel's chance in the acting world.

" A plague on both your houses!" -the Director, to Kate and Joey.

"I swear your play is very important to us. Thank you for your patience. Your play is the next play, is the next play I'm gonna see." -Phoebe, to Joey, after being on hold for a day.

"Yeah, and at the end of the play, he--he got up, y'know, and he just started like, banging his hands together!" -Chandler, to Ross, about Tommy.

"Step away from the duck." -Chandler, to Tommy, when everyone catches Tommy yelling at the chick and the duck.

"So you tell your great-great-great-great granddaughter to look me up because, Adrienne, baby, I'm gonna want to meet her." -Joey, in the play.

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