Sunday, May 23, 2010

TOW: Joey's New Girlfriend

Joey and Chandler: Most of the gang's hanging out in Central Perk. Chandler notices an incredibly attractive woman (Paget Brewster) sitting at the counter. He wants to go talk to her, but doesn't have the nerve. He's so enamored with the woman, that he decides he has to go talk to her. He hits on her, and is adorable/awkward. The woman introduces herself, her name is Kathy and she's actually waiting for a date. Her date arrives and it's Joey. It's not as horribly uncomfortable as one would expect. Way later that evening (I think), Chandler comes out of his bedroom to find Kathy watching TV wearing Joey's hockey jersey. Chandler got up to watch an Ernie Kovacs special, and, surprisingly enough, Kathy got up to watch the very same thing. The start talking, getting along very well; they even bond over the 'wonder broom.' Their show starts, and Chandler sits down in the canoe to watch. The next day, everyone's in Central Perk, including Kathy. Joey and Kathy leave to buy hamsters for her job (she works for a medical researcher). When they leave, the gang talks about how much they like her. Chandler talks about all the wonderful things about Kathy, and they tease him for have feelings for her. Chandler's walking one day and sees Kathy out running. He chases her down the street so he can say 'hey.' He runs after her for quite awhile, only saying 'hi' when he gets her attention. Chandler goes to Monica and Rachel and tells them he's totally in love with his best friends girlfriend. He's pretty miserable. Joey and Kathy come in, having rented movies. Everyone sits around the TV, Chandler and Kathy ending up right next to one another on the couch. Chandler is so uncomfortable, he gets up and leaves, saying he has to meet other friends. Chandler's hanging out with the chick and duck later, when Joey comes in. He invites Chandler to dinner with he and Kathy, but Chandler declines. Joey gets upset because he thinks Chandler doesn't like Kathy. Chandler agrees with that, which only makes Joey more angry, because he tried so hard to like Janice. Chandler knows Joey has a good point, so he agrees to go to dinner. At dinner, Kathy points out an attractive woman, but Chandler's not interested. Kathy then says she has a single friend that she thinks Chandler'd be good with, but again, he's not interested. Chandler abruptly gets up for another beer. Joey follows him, confronting Chandler about his rude behavior. Kathy thinks Chandler doesn't like her, and Joey thinks Chandler should tell Kathy he does like her. Chandler can't take it anymore, telling Joey just how much he likes Kathy. Joey thinks Chandler's joking, at least he doesn't take him very seriously, but he's placated. Chandler's watching TV later, while Joey and Kathy fool around. He cant' stand listening to them, so he turns the volume up. Joey comes out and asks Chandler to quiet down. Chandler goes to Monica's and asks to sleep on her couch.

Rachel and Ross: In Central Perk, Ross keeps waving a napkin in Rachel's face. The napkin has a woman's phone number on it, which, obviously, Ross is very proud of. Phoebe's about to sneeze, and Rachel grabs the napkin from Ross and hands it to Phoebe. Phoebe blows her nose on it. Back in Central Perk, Ross keeps talking about how great his date with Amanda went. Rachel tells him she knows nothing happened; they took their kids to Chuck E' Cheese, and Ross didn't even kiss her. Ross is mad at Chandler, because Chandler told Rachel all that. Ross walks into Monica and Rachel's, talking about his upcoming date with Amanda (Laura Stepp). Monica informs him that Rachel isn't home. Ross proceeds to tell Monica that he expects his date with Amanda to go very well, thinking they may have sex. Rachel comes in with a young, college age guy, Josh (Brian Smith),who she's apparently dating. After Josh leaves, Rachel tells Monica and Ross how great it is to be with a fun guy. They argue. Ross does his flipping off alternative, which Monica explains. Ross goes to Amanda's with a bottle of wine. When Amanda comes to the door, she's dressed really great. Ross compliments her, but then learns he's not there as her date, but her babysitter. Ross tells Monica about the failed date. Later, Rachel walks in the apartment, kissing Josh. Monica tells Rachel that Ross isn't there, and Rachel pushes Josh away. Josh leaves; Rachel realizes he's stealing from her. Phoebe sees Josh wearing Rachel's leather jacket, causing Rachel to chase off after him. Ross and Rachel fight about whose date is better. Monica's got a cold and sick of hearing Ross and Rachel fight. She calls each on their bullshit, saying how both their relationships are failures. They fight some more, and fake flip each other off.

Phoebe and Monica: Phoebe prepares to play a set at Central Perk, but she's got an awful cold. Monica attempts to convincer her to go home and rest, but Phoebe says she's unemployed and doesn't have much to get her through the day. She starts singing, surprising herself with her sexy, phlegm-y voice. Phoebe plays in Central Perk again, this time without her guitar, having embraced her new blues-y voice. All the customers are really into her music, and she's really into how sexy her voice sounds. Phoebe's hanging out at Rachel and Monica's, trying to write sad songs to go with her new voice. Monica suggests some legit sad topics, but Phoebe doesn't like those. Phoebe gets ready to go to Central Perk. She clears her throat and the next time she speaks, her voice is clear. She's very upset about losing her sexy phlegm. Monica and Ross are talking about his 'date' with Amanda, when Phoebe runs through the kitchen, hair soaking, to stick her head out the window. She wants to get sick again, but Monica convinces her she'll get pneumonia by putting her head out the window. Monica sneezes, sure she's got Phoebe's cold. Phoebe doesn't want Monica to cover her mouth when she sneezes. Monica's very sick, lying on the couch in a sea of kleenex, when Rachel comes in with Josh. Phoebe comes in with soup for Monica. There's no chicken in it, or chicken broth, so it's basically just noodles. While Monica eats, Phoebe collects all the used kleenex. Monica scolds her. Phoebe snatches the soup cup away and licks the rim. She wants Monica's germs, so she can get her sexy voice back. Phoebe's in Central Perk, strumming on her guitar. Gunther walks by, sneezing, and Phoebe kisses him for the germs. Phoebe plays in Central Perk again, this time without her guitar and with her non-phlegm induced sexy voice.

  • Guys, guys!!! We're getting close to my most favoritest Friends episode of all time. ALL TIME! I'm so, so, soooooo, sooooooooooooooo excited!
  • I'm quite a fan of Kathy and the actress that plays her, Paget Brewster. According to her imdb page, she's been in quite a few shows, but what I'm most familiar with (besides her role as Kathy), is as Hank Azaria's wife on Huff.

And Paget Brewster is just a really awesome name.
  • So, Phoebe's sexy phlegm voice... She reminds me of Bob Dylan at first. Later, though, it's more like Billie Holiday's. Well, okay, I've never heard much Billie Holliday, but in that part in Clueless, when Christian plays her music in the car? Phoebe's voice reminds me of that.
She also, at the very end, sounds kinda french.
  • Chandler chases after Kathy to some really bad 70's cop show music.

I think it could've used some bionic man noises, too.
  • Why is Phoebe showering at Monica and Rachel's?

She has her own apartment.
  • It took me nearly all episode to figure out that Monica kinda reminds me of Meg Ryan.
  • Chandler breaks my heart. I a-freaking-dore him this episode. No lie. Especially when he asks Monica to sleep on her couch.
  • I do Ross' hand gesture thing all the time. I don't even realize I do it, it happens so often.
  • Phoebe licking Monica's soup cup is super nasty. Ugh.
  • The guy who plays Josh? His nickname is listed as 'Fish.' Appropriate, no?
Oh. My. God.

"I could die." -Chandler, explaining why he can't go talk to the attractive woman in Central Perk.

"I tell people secrets. It makes them like me." -Chandler, to Ross, on why he told Rachel about Ross' date.

"I was just trying to figure out a way to uh, demonstrate how I could get my exceptionally large feet into my even bigger mouth." -Chandler, to Joey and Kathy, after he hits on Joey's date.

"What about the duck?"
"Well, the duck can swim." -Kathy and Chandler, after Chandler picks up the chick, while he's sitting in the canoe.

"Well, I think it's great the medical community is finally trying to help sick hamsters." -Phoebe, after learning Kathy and Joey are buying the hamsters for Kathy's medical research job.

"I bet he's never set foot in a museum."
"Well, maybe he'll get to go soon, like on a class trip or something."
"Y'know what else is really great about him? Oh, what is the word for the adult that doesn't have dinosaur toys in their bedroom?" -Rachel and Ross, comparing Ross to Josh.

"I remember I cried the night you made it up, 'cause it was the first time that I realized that I was actually cooler than my older brother." -Monica, to Ross and Rachel, about Ross' fake flipping off thing.

"Her date tipped me ten dollars." -Ross, to Monica, about the 'date' with Amanda.

"Okay, You were right. I'm in love with Joey's girlfriend." -Chandler, confessing his feelings for Kathy.

"Now, I don't eat chicken, so it's just noodle soup. And there's no chicken in the broth either, so it's really just...noodle soup." -Phoebe, to Monica, about the soup she made.

"Y'know what I think it is? It's the fishnet stockings. Y'know? Whenever I see a girl in fishnet stockings it reminds me of my father in fishnet stockings." -Chandler, to Kathy, about why he doesn't think a woman is attractive.

"At least I know she's not dating me to get into R rated movies."
"Why don't you just marry her? Oh no, wait a minute, you can't! I'm sorry I forgot, she's not a lesbian." -Ross and Rachel.

"You have nothing! You're not even going out! You're her babysitter! You have a 12 year old girl's job!"
"Ohh, that is soo sad."
"And what are you laughing at, Miss My-keg-sucking-boyfriend-is-stealing-from-me!" -Monica and Rachel, when Monica scolds Ross and Rachel for arguing.


  1. I love this episode. Ross and Rachel crack me up so hard.
    Poor Chandler.
    Ross's flipping off thing, I think any true Friends fan has done it at least once.

  2. Also, does Rachel seem to be shrinking, or is it just me?

  3. Do you mean weight wise? Because Jennifer Aniston is much... leaner now than she was in the first few seasons. Not saying she was ever overweight, because she obviously wasn't in any way, but she was a bit more curvier. This season might be when she started firming her body up a bit more.

  4. i have to be honest: paget brewster (or, rather, kathy's) wardrobe during these next few episodes make me desperately wish the 90s would come back once & for all. also, if youve ever watched the special features on this season's dvd, they interview her & she's just adorable.

    as far as this episode goes, monica DOES remind me of meg ryan! i never realized it before. also, i might be weird, but i thought phoebe sounded good before her cold. :)

  5. My whole family used to do the Ross flipping off thing! Yeah I liked Kathy too :)

  6. RMb- It wasn't until I watched this episode that I realized it was Meg Ryan. Monica has especially Meg Ryanish hair this season. Lol, I think Phoebe's voice is pretty good, too.

    Amiee- Kathy's pretty much the bee's knees.

  7. During the previous episodes you can see her getting thinner, but in this episode it's really sudden.
    Season 1 Rachel had an amazing body imho.

  8. I looked back at stills from the first couple episodes of this season, and what strikes me is that her arms get a lot smaller. I can't really tell a significant difference in her weight, but I'm sorta bad at seeing that stuff. I wonder if maybe it's because she wanted to do more film roles, and felt she'd be a more viable star if she toned up her body. I think she's adorable in the first season!

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