Sunday, July 11, 2010

TOW: all the Wedding Dresses

Monica and Phoebe: Ross comes into Central Perk looking for Rachel, but he also has a favor to ask Monica. Emily found a really great wedding dress in London, but they didn't have her size. They have one of the same dress in a store in Manhattan. Monica offers to go pick up the dress, since, y'know, the groom isn't supposed to see the dress before the wedding. Monica and Phoebe go to the dress store, where the attendant assumes that Monica is Emily, and asks Monica if she wants to try on her dress. Of course, Monica says 'yes' and ends up in Emily's dress. She and Phoebe are in the store for hours, as Monica gawks at herself in the mirror. At home, Monica has to do the dishes, but she's not happy about it. Rachel never does the dishes, even though she dirties them. During her tirade, Monica glances at the dress, and decides to put it on. She continues doing the dishes, while wearing Emily's dress. There's a knock at the door, causing Monica to panic. It's only Phoebe, but Monica doesn't want to be caught in Emily's wedding dress. Phoebe begs to be let in, and Monica relents. Phoebe's also in a wedding dress. They fashion a bouquet out of tissue paper, and practice their bouquet catching skills. Monica gets mad at Phoebe for throwing the bouquet too wildly for Monica to catch. Monica then realizes how sad they are, playing around in the wedding dresses. Phoebe agrees that it's pretty lame, and they decide to take the dresses off... in half an hour. The eventually manage to get back into their regular clothes, going to Central Perk. While there, Phoebe and Monica discuss how much their everyday clothes suck, compared to the wedding dresses. Monica crosses her legs, and Phoebe sees that Monica's still wearing a garter. Back at the apartment, Rachel tells Monica and Phoebe what's been going on with her, in regards to Ross' impending nuptials. Phoebe's sure she knows how to make Rachel feel better, and they all end up in the wedding dresses again.

Ross and Rachel: Ross is super excited about marrying Emily. He comes into Central Perk looking for Rachel, but she's at home, supposedly doing the dishes. He asks Monica to pick up Emily's dress, and everyone talks about how surprised they are that Ross is getting married, since it's all happening so fast. Rachel's reading a magazine, not doing the dishes, when she hears someone coming up. Thinking it's Monica, Rachel jumps up and stations herself in front of the sink. It's only Ross, coming to talk to her. He wants to make sure Rachel is doing okay with the fact that he's getting married. He assures her that if their roles were reversed, he'd be pretty upset. Rachel claims to be doing okay, and she and Ross hug. Ross tells Rachel he hopes that one day she'll have what he has with Emily. Rachel is quick to tell Ross that she already has that with Joshua, even though they've only been on four dates. Ross is happy for her, and asks if she and Joshua want to double date with him and Emily on Sunday. Rachel agrees, but none to happily. Rachel goes over to Chandler and Joey's, and they tell her they think it's great she agreed to go on the double date with Emily and Ross. They're really glad Rachel's handling the upcoming wedding so well. Rachel laughs it off, telling them that there's really nothing to handle, because she doesn't think there'll be a wedding. Rachel expects Emily and Ross to be engaged for at least a year before one of them realizes they're making a mistake and calls it off. Ross walks in when Rachel's done explaining her theory, and announces that he and Emily are getting married in a month. Rachel congratulates him, but it's obvious she's flabbergasted. Rachel has Joshua meet her in Central Perk. When he arrives, Rachel tells him that she's really pleased with the way their relationship is going, but she thinks it should be crazier. Rachel suggests they get married. Joshua, not unexpectedly, says 'no,' and leaves. Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel are all at the apartment. Rachel's just left a long message on Joshua's answering machine, explaining that she was having a hard time, and was not crazy to get married. Rachel's feeling pretty sad, but not about Joshua. She's realized that she's sad about Ross getting married. Ross comes by to tell Rachel about the dinner reservations on Sunday (because they don't have telephones...?), and she explains about the breakup. Phoebe and Monica comfort her, and Phoebe suggests something to make Rachel feel better. They all end up in wedding dresses, eating popcorn, and drinking beer. There's a knock at the door, causing Monica and Phoebe to panic. Monica thinks it's Chandler, coming over to borrow some candles for a date, but she doesn't want to open the door in the dress. Rachel could care less, flings the door open, and says "I doooo." The only problem is, it's not Chandler on the other side, but Joshua. He leaves, and that's the long awaited for end of Joshua.

Chandler and Joey: Chandler comes into Joey's room one night to wake Joey up, because he's snoring so loudly Chandler can't sleep. Chandler's attempts to wake up his roommate only lead to him having too much knowledge of the dirty dream Joey was having. To wake Joey up without being permanently scarred, Chandler slams Joey's bedroom door. Chandler's chugging coffee at Central Perk; he didn't get any sleep because of Joey's snoring. Chandler wants Joey to go to a sleep clinic to stop the snoring, but Joey's not interested. Monica tells them that she dated a guy who was a really light sleeper, and when she started to snore, he'd just roll her over to get her to stop. Chandler decides that's a good course of action, and does just that when Joey begins snoring that night. Chandler rolls Joey over, the snoring doesn't stop, and Joey's naked. Chandler decides Joey has to go to the clinic. The day before the appointment, Joey won't stop complaining about being tired, especially since he has to stay up all night. At the clinic, Joey can't stop himself from falling asleep in the waiting room. While Joey's out of it, Chandler hits on an attractive woman, Marjorie (Christina Moore), who talks in her sleep. After the study, Chandler goes to Central Perk. He tells Monica and Phoebe that he got a date with the woman from the study. Monica and Phoebe want to know how Chandler got the girl instead of Joey. Joey comes in, with a giant, blue mouth-guard in. The sleep study people gave it to him to help with the snoring. Monica explains that Joey only has to wear the mouth-guard at night, but Joey likes the way it tastes. Chandler has his date with the girl from the clinic, and it goes well seeing as they end up in bed together. The girl starts talking and screaming in her sleep, and Joey comes in to yell at Chandler because he's trying to sleep.

  • This is the episode where Chandler doesn't know how to make the 'whipped' noise correctly.
  • I agree with Chandler and Joey, Rachel takes Ross and Emily getting married really well. I know she doesn't think they'll go through with it, but if I were in that situation, I'd definitely be freaking out.
  • I think Emily's dress is cute, but that veil is absolutely hideous.
  • Monica doing the dishes in that dress kills my brain. All I can think is "WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? YOU'RE GOING TO GET IT DIRTY!!"
And then she touches it with her moist dishwater gloves.
  • I don't think it's sad that Phoebe and Monica wear the dresses. It's like dress-up for adults.
  • I like the moment when Rachel realizes she's not sad about things ending with Joshua, but about Ross getting married.
  • All the girls in their wedding dresses.
Monica's black socks kill me.
I think she may be drinking beer, but Rachel and Phoebe might be drinking Perrier.
  • Ding-dong, Joshua's gone!!
It's just awesome that Rachel goes to the door in that dress, and says "I dooo." Hilarious.

The Magna Doodle Says:
"Get out!"
I honestly don't know why. During the scene where Ross and Rachel are over, it's sometimes completely blank, and sometimes not.

Oh. My. God.

"Look, I told you, I'm not going to any clinic! I don't have a problem! You're the one with the problem! You should go to a 'quit being a baby and leave me alone' clinic!"
"They don't have those." -Joey and Chandler, because Chandler wants Joey to go to a sleep clinic to stop snoring.

"I still cannot believe you're engaged! Just cause it's happening so fast. Not cause you're such a loser." -Phoebe, discussing Ross' upcoming wedding.

"That's what I did! Wuppah!"
"You can't do anything!" -Chandler and Joey, when Chandler can't make the whipped noise correctly.

"Yeah, but y'know, half of these are gonna end up getting divorced." -Phoebe, to Monica, at the dress shop.

"I'm telling you, you're gonna be dancing at my wedding before you're dancing at theirs." -Rachel, to Chandler and Joey, on why she's not upset about Ross getting married.

"Hey! That's the day after I stop menstruating!" -Joey, checking a calendar to see if he's free for Ross' wedding.

"I talk in my sleep."
"What a coincidence, I listen in my sleep." - Marjorie and Chandler, in the waiting room at the sleep clinic.

"Look at me! My big concern is what's real?!" -Monica, to Phoebe, while they are throwing the bouquet to one another.

"Well, she's the kinda girl--Joey was unconscious." -Chandler, to Monica and Phoebe, about why Marjorie is dating him and not Joey.

"Plus, you look cool." -Chandler, to Joey, while he's wearing the mouth guard.

"I feel blue." -Rachel, realizing she's not sad over losing Joshua, but over Ross getting married.

"Y'know, I gotta tell you, this really does put me in a better mood." -Rachel, to Phoebe and Monica, after they put on the wedding dresses.

"I'm not gonna marry Chandler!"
"Not after this." -Rachel and Phoebe, when they think Chandler's at the door.

"I doooo!" -Rachel, accidentally to Joshua.

"Yeah, well, that oughta do it." -Rachel, after Joshua sees her in the wedding dress and runs away.


  1. yay! you're back!
    i love that joey's like "you cant do ANYTHING" to chandler. that is one of the best lines ever.
    also, i was very bothered by monica doing the dishes in emily's dress. and when she sitting there drinking her beer. i hope she had it dry cleaned before she sent it to emily.
    and yeah, that is an uuuuggly vail.

  2. Thank you!!! I've missed blogging! At first, it was kind of a nice break, but soon I started missing my regular Friends episode watching and posting. In short, guys, it's great to back.

    RMb- YES about the dry cleaning! I really hope so. I don't know, I just bought my wedding dress, and I'd be pretty pissed if some chick was walking around doing her dishes in it.

  3. I forgot about Chandler's 'wuppah', I loved that.

  4. This is one of my favorites. I love the wedding dresses and I love Rachel's "that oughta do it" at the end. And I love that JOSHUA IS GONE!!!

  5. OMG this episode is on tv right now!

  6. Amiee- I'm quite fond of the wuppah, myself.

    Shannon- The end of Joshua makes this an awesome ep. I can't get over Rachel opening the door, all thinking it's Chandler on the other side, and going "I doooo!!" It's too perfect.

  7. Bye bye Joshua, you wont be missed.
    Oh well, at least Monica didn't rent a dress from a store called "It's Never Too Late"

    I love Rachel's wedding dress. It's the same dress she wore when she didn't marry Barry. But, why would she keep the dress she didn't get married in?
    Glad to have you back. :o)

  8. I'm glad to be back!!

    I'm sure Phoebe going into "It's Never Too Late" pregnant didn't raise any eyebrows.

    I've always kinda wondered why she kept the dress myself. It'd be a lot easier to sell it, and it's not like it had sentimental value. Plus, she'd probably have gotten a lot of money for it, back when she was just a waitress.