Sunday, September 19, 2010

TOW: the Girl who Hits Joey

Joey and Rachel: Joey's started dating a very petite woman named Katie (Soleil Moon Frye). The gang meets her when she comes to Central Perk to meet Joey for a date. They're also introduced to one of Katie's regular habits, playfully punching people. When she goes to the restroom, Joey explains that even though Katie is small, she punches really hard. Everyone makes fun of him, not believing that Katie could hurt him. Joey has coffee with Katie in Central Perk. She's still hitting him, and he decides to talk with her about the habit. He moves away from her, telling her that she's little, but hits hard. She laughs, thinking he's teasing her, and hits him some more. Joey goes into Central Park wearing tons of sweaters. Rachel sees him, and he explains that he's wearing six sweaters because he's breaking up with Katie. Katie arrives, and Rachel compliments her on her coat. In thanks, Katie punches Rachel in the arm. It hurts, just as Joey said, but Rachel hits Katie back. They punch each other for awhile, before Rachel gets fed up and kicks Katie in the shin. Katie's pissed, telling Joey to do something about Rachel, or she'll walk out. Joey doesn't do anything. He and Rachel hug once Katie leaves.

Chandler and Monica: At the end of the the last episode, Ross saw Chandler and Monica making out. He runs over to confront them, furious that Chandler would sleep with his sister. Chandler wants to run away, but Monica wants to talk to Ross. They let Ross in, he yells some, but then they explain they're in love, not just having sex. Now that everyone knows, Chandler and Monica's relationship is a frequent topic of discussion. In Central Perk, the whole gang talks about what it'll be like if Chandler and Monica have kids, and what to get them as a wedding present. Chandler and Monica are quick to laugh off the speculation, since they haven't been together for that long. Chandler and Rachel are hanging out, when Rachel makes another joke about Monica and Chandler's future. Chandler asks her not to say things like that, because he doesn't want Monica to get ideas. Rachel explains that since it's Monica, she's already thought about her future with Chandler. Chandler tries to pretend it's not true, but Rachel brings up the fact that Monica dumped Richard because he didn't want babies. Chandler knows that Rachel's right, and starts freaking out. Chandler and Monica are cuddling in his recliner, when Monica asks if they couldn't just "stay there forever." Chandler loses it. Monica's not surprised by his reaction, having assumed he'd freak when everyone started making jokes about their future. Chandler thinks he's right to be worried, since he knows what Monica wants from their future. Monica knows it's Chandler's commitment phobia talking, but she's really disgusted with him and leaves. Chandler tells Ross and Joey about the argument. They think it can be fixed, but that Chandler probably won't be able to do the fixing. Monica comes in to get some coffee (to go, because she sees Chandler). Chandler asks her what he can do to fix their relationship, but Monica's still too upset to talk with him. She tells him that he has to fix their relationship this time. Later that day, Chandler runs into Monica and Rachel's, frantically searching for Monica. Everyone's over, playing cards, and witness Chandler proposing to Monica. Chandler's not sure why he's proposing, but the important thing is that he isn't afraid. He's really proposing as an apology, and Monica points out that it isn't a good reason to get married. Chandler realizes he's doing a really stupid thing, but he was afraid of losing Monica. He's also confused because he went to Ross and Joey for advice. Monica realizes that Chandler's not ready to handle relationship stuff like that by himself. Everyone makes fun of Chandler by apologizing to each other, then proposing.

Ross and Phoebe: Ross is getting settled into his new apartment, when Phoebe comes by with a house warming gift. While Phoebe's over, a neighbor, Steve (Willie Garson), stops by. He wanted to introduce himself, and ask Ross to chip in $100 as a retirement gift for the building handyman, Howard. Ross refuses to give the money, since he just moved in and doesn't know Howard. Steve leaves, having the impression that Ross is cheap. Ross is over at Chandler's, talking to him and Rachel about how everyone in his building hates him. They all think Ross is a cheapskate, and a kid even spit on him for not giving $100 to Howard. Ross decides to throw a party for his neighbors, where he'll explain his reasoning over the money. Rachel thinks he should just give the money, but it goes against Ross' principles. The night of the party, Ross sits in his apartment all by himself, playing with his name tag(s). He turns his music down for a second, and hears people chanting "Howard!". He goes across the hall, seeing that all his neighbors are having a party for Howard. Phoebe's there. She contributed money toward Howard, and all Ross' neighbors like her. She thinks it's good that they like her, that way she can make them like Ross. Steve walks by, and suggests Ross and Phoebe switch apartments. Ross is miserable at the party, wanting to leave, but Phoebe encourages him to stay. She's already started talking to the other guests about him. She was telling people about what happened between Ross and Emily, though that seems to be hurting more than helping. Phoebe suggests she and Ross get some food, and Ross gets a piece of cake. The problem is, the other guests hadn't cut the cake for Howard yet. This makes everyone hate Ross more. Phoebe steps in, telling the tenants that they just need to go to know Ross. She proceeds to tell the guests what her first impressions of them were. Ross and Phoebe are kicked out of the party, ending up back at Ross'. Phoebe explains that she was insulting the other guests in the hope that Ross would stand up for them and be the hero. He didn't get it.

  • It continuously bothers me that Chandler and Monica ignore the fact that Ross lives across the street from them.
Take it to the bedroom, people.
  • Maybe it'd be a good idea for the writer's to go ahead and address the fact that Ross flips out about Chandler and Monica in front of his boss? Maybe not...
  • HEY! It's Punky Brewster!
I never watched that show, so I don't care that much, but I feel I should exude some sort of excitement.
  • Soleil Moon Frye sounds like a porn star or stripper name.
  • Joey gets beat up by a girl!!
She's really very small.
  • The gay friend from Sex in the City is kinda mean.
  • I'd give the money, since I'm afraid of confrontation and not being liked, but I agree with Ross. He shouldn't have to give that much money to a man he's never met.
  • It was only a matter of time before Chandler totally lost it over being in a real relationship with Monica.
  • Someone should tell Ross that name tags aren't cool.
The "ROSS" makes it worse.
  • Joey, needing extra padding.
  • I don't condone violence (much), but it's awesome when Rachel kicks Katie.
  • Subtlety, thy name is Ross.
  • Phoebe insulting the guests so Ross can defend them wasn't a bad plan.
  • Chandler's first proposal.
Where did the ring come from?
  • The episode name sounds like the title of an anti-abuse PSA or the name of a Lifetime movie of the week. Starring Tori Spelling.
The Magna Doodle Says:
C.B. + M.G 4 Ever

Oh. My. God.

"I'm going on the lam." -Chandler, to Monica, when he attempts to run from Ross.

"What do you say we all clear out of here and let these two lovebirds get back down to business? Hey-hey-hey, I-I-I'm just talking here, he's--he's the one doing your sister." -Joey, to Ross.

"Guys, you're a few steps ahead of us."
"Yeah, big zero gravity moon steps." - Monica and Chandler, during the discussion about their future kids.

"Hey listen, come on, Joey is having a problem! A little girl is beating him up." -Chandler, when Joey explains Katie's hurting him.

"Howard's the handyman."
"Yes, but to me, he's just man." -Steve and Ross, on why Ross won't contribute money to Howard.

"Oh, they'll like me. Once they come to my awesome PAR-TAY!" -Ross, telling Chandler and Rachel about his party.

"It's not different at all, is it?"
"Not unless different means the same." -Chandler and Rachel, about what Monica expects from her relationship with Chandler.

"You want babies! You have baby fever!" -Chandler, to Monica, during his freak out. I'm wondering if baby fever is anything like Beiber fever.

"If you're too afraid to be in a real relationship, then don't be in one." -Monica, to Chandler, when he goes to her about ways to make things right.

"Hey listen, is it obvious that I'm wearing six sweaters?" -Joey, to Rachel, when he comes in Central Park to breakup with Katie.

"You'd better do something, or I'm gonna walk out that door right now! Well? Are you gonna?"
"Nah." -Katie and Joey, after Rachel kicks Katie.

"Go back to 3-B, 3-B!!" -Steve, after Ross eats Howard's cake.

"Of course you don't like him! He-he didn't give you any money, he raised his own hand when I asked 'who here likes Ross,' and he's wearing two name tags!" -Phoebe, to the other party guests.

"Do you, ummm, think the best reason to get married is because you're sorry?"
"No, the best reason to get married is pregnancy." -Monica and Chandler, after he proposes.

"Who? Two divorces and Joey?!" -Monica, about Chandler getting advice from Ross and Joey.

"Or, you would've seen a Chandler shaped hole in that door." -Chandler, to Monica, about what would've happened if she'd said yes to his proposal.

"You're right, I'm sorry. Will you marry me?" -Ross, to Joey.


  1. Yeah I did watch Punky Brewster so thought that was pretty cool, she didn't grown much from that show eh!

  2. Hahaha, it doesn't look like she did!

  3. haha, given that they NEVER close their curtains, it's kind of hilarious that they do it in the living room at all (i mean, if most of their friends saw them having sex in the living room, god knows who else has).
    i was on ross's side with that whole lack of donation thing. but, being from the midwest, my desire for confrontation is pretty much nonexisistant. so i probably wouldve been like "oh yeah, i'll donate as soon as my checks with my new address arrive" or something lame like that.
    and i too wondered where that ring came from!

    ps. whenever you'd like me to work on your layout, just let me know! :)

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